„Milk and honey“ – Rupi Kaur

What the fuck

the first
part of the book
feels like the woman who
wrote it had a
really bad relationship
with her father
and so
she ended up making very bad choices
that left her raped and abused
not only mentally
but also physically.
More confessions to go
here is part two.
Yes, some was good,
most was bad.
Now I see
why most of the people
showed some love
rough is cool
vulgar is great
you truly
are amused
by this waste
of space.
And after all the torture
here comes the third part
and it is breaking;
and it is full of color
the color is grey
cuz life is
and you should accept it.
I mostly loved this part
by far the best it is.
So give it a try
and don’t be sorry about it. 😀
But let me tell you
life isn’t that good
so here we are
a page before chapter 4;
so fingers crossed
and lets start.
So the name of chapter 4
is healing
and it is the last chapter of the book.
As the third one – breaking
this one is
also so beautifully written
I am amused.
I just realized
that the roughness of the book
just hit me so hard
at the beginning
it stayed with me
since the beginning of the third chapter.
As a result
I enjoyed the 3rd and the 4th most of all.

As an ending to this poem of mine
I wanna thank you for reading it
and if you still don’t know
why I am writing like that
that is because
you obviously
have not read


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